CEO Shigeki Kakutani

After experiencing job in a petroleum company and as a secretary of a member of the House of Representatives, he founded and represented a web system development and web marketing company, Bloomy International Co,.Ltd. in October,2008. While he tackled financial system development, he succeeded developing virtual currency and felt future of the currency. As he talked with top engineers of Bitcoin, his belief in future of virtual currency turned into conviction and he launched his business globally from Hong Kong and made a resolution to build the largest virtual currency network in Asia.

Developer Zhang Kang

He is a development engineer who was engaged in developing e-commerce business and is able to develop business support system and app for smart phone. He also experienced in large scale system development and developing binary option. While he assumes holistic system design of virtual currency, he preempts future deployment and vison of it, and implements development. He is a multilingual engineer who can develop in English, Japanese and Chinese. He is expected to take an active part in global deployment in the future.

Marketing Development Chris Hui

After experiencing in support for drafting new business in several companies, sales support in a development company and taking part as a PMO in multiple projects in a major distribution company, he has experienced in various management services of QR code system with mobile, voice recognition research, planning of promotion and renewal of advertisement distribution system. Utilizing experience in drafting strategy for advertisement system structure for foreign promotion company and promotion activities in global market, he takes charge of foreign deployment strategy for Baysia Coin.

General Manager Izumi Dangwal

She has experienced in project management of web system development in IT related company, crossmedia marketing with paper medium, and web marketing utilizing internet media. She is also familiar with Indian market and takes charge of marketing activities and organizational development in Baysia Coin India, and aims to bridge between Japan and India. She also utilizes her own subtle feminine management manner in directing Baysia Coin business.

Sales development Kaito Yoshida

He has experienced entrepreneurs during college, involved in the start-up of several companies of venture companies. Through mobile sales, consultants, real estate sales, he was convinced of the future of the FinTech and block chain in involved in a variety of businesses, such as application development. For crypto currency business, he is spreading the understanding of blockchain in Japan, human resource development, responsible for marketing, and promote the deployment of crypto currency business.

Other financial consultant team

After engaging in FX related business at a foreign financial institute and a securities company, he became an independent financial consultant. While he builds relationship with domestic and foreign institutional investors such as banks, securities companies, financial futures companies and hedge funds, he is deploying business which specializes in provision of substantial solution for implementation and improvement. While he has also experienced in building financial system and has holistic view on system process and finance, he is engaged in virtual currency business.

Development Of Baysiacoin
Baysia Global Holdings Co.,Ltd. Baysia is named after combination of “Bay” and “Asia”, the former is “Bay” of Yokohama where core members first met and the latter is Hong Kong in “Asia” where we swore to challenge to the global market. One team has actual results in building financial system platform, and the other team deployed business in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and accumulated results and experience in trade; both teams are aggregated for the purpose of deploying business globally and swiftly. Baysia aims to be a company which highly regards company who strives together, which nurtures human resources who are valid in every country in the world, and which exhilarates persons who want to take an active role globally.
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