compatible with business and social as a platform for exchange of value

Focusing on Asia

Asia continues its remarkable growth and accounts for about half of the world population. We are conducting development particularly focusing on Asia and envisaging that our service will be used by the Asian people living in Europe, United States, Canada etc in the future.

Distributed type-financial technology

This is a platform where the value on the internet can be exchanged through the next generation technology-distributed type P2P network. We are aiming for it to be open source so that everyone can join.

Consensus algorithm

With a consensus system, costs or time required for transaction will be reduced. We will focus on R & D related to smart contract and conduct technological innovation which can be used for the next area.

Exchange for various value

Linkage to other currencies, such as Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin, will become possible (Ripple, Bitcoin will be subsequently available), and it will be used as a wallet for managing other currencies.

Exchange for various value

By utilizing own value on the internet, exchange for the value of gold, etc. will become available. In order for everyone to use it with peace of mind, we are establishing new rules.

Approach towards society

It is said that 2.5 billion poor people do not even have a bank account. Baysia is aiming to build a circular society with connecting such poor to Baysia’s network.


Technique of block chain to be the base for bitcoin, that major financial institutions show their interest.
Cross-border transaction becomes possible by P2P type-payment protocol using the technique.
With the concept of distributed type having democratic concept, we think that more open society can be realized.
The possibilities of smart contract, which is closely related to smart contract, are infinite, and we focus on Asia remaining severe wealth gap and continue technological innovation.