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Developing consensus protocols with smartcontracts.

Decentralized finance technology

Distributed Financial Technology Allows the exchange of values on the internet through a platform utilizing next generation technology distributed P2P networks. Aiming an open resource layout allowing everyone to participate.

Consensus Algorithm

Consensus Algorithm In addition to PoW algorithm, the use of a consensus system allows for transactions to be made smoothly. It is possible to manage IoT over wallets. Implementing technological innovation through smart contracts.

Easy access to finance

Towards an easily accessible world of finance Asia faces many financial disparities arising from economic inequality, such as that of poverty in India. By utilizing the Baysia network, we hope to promote the reduction of financial disparities to encourage independence and education and wide spread positive development.

Easily tradable on the internet

It becomes easily tradable online after opening of the market on September 15th.

  • Baysia Coin

    There is a wide variety of choices because Baysia Coin is tradable by means of Rupee and other virtual currencies. Deposit is reflected on the day at the earliest.

  • Online Trade

    Market order which is possible to order at the market price at that time, and limit order which is possible to order specifying your desired price are available.

  • Online Analysis

    It is possible to analyze past charts because charts can be developed in various span of time such as minutes, hours, weeks and months.

Details of deal

Useful for international financial market

  • Virtual Currency and Wallet

    You need to open Wallet account in advance to purchase Baysia Coin. If you are in a hurry you can apply by means of submitting application form.

  • Easy to Use

    It becomes easily tradable online with easy to use transaction screen after opening of the market on September 15th.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Whoever you are, wherever you are and even if without PC, you still can purchase Baysia Coin because it can be handled by smartphone.

Details of purchase method